Hi, I'm Ada (they/them)

Founder of @QueerMoneyCoach


Say by to money stress.

And hello, financial ease.

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I'm Ada (they/them)


Founder of @QueerMoneyCoach


Say bye to money stress.

And hello to financial ease.

Join the Queer Money Program

Meet your money coach:


Hi, I'm Ada (they/them), otherwise known as Queer Money Coach


I focus on helping queer folks take the reins on their money towards a life where we can be free from financial stress!


We deserve ease and to be thriving, not just barely surviving.


Let me tell you a bit more about this dream I have for us and see if you're intrigued: 

My dream for our community is one of abundance


Historic inequities towards queer people have left our community underpaid, under-resourced, drowning in unhelpful money stories, and statistically struggling with money at every stage of our lives.


In order to overcome this, we need tools and a vision to work towards.


I imagine, for me and for you, a comfortable and bountiful present, near future, and retirement.

The first part of my dream is that in the short term, we get clear on where our money is going, and what we need to do to take control of it so we can be well taken care of now. 


In the near-future, our emergency/solution funds are full and we’re saving towards things that excite us like taking that class we’ve been craving, or filling up our passport with stamps and memories, buying a car that fits our needs, or anything else that would add meaningful value to our near-future selves.


And most exciting of all (for me) I want us all to peer into the future and see our older selves. They’re well taken care of, surrounded by community, heck, maybe even in an LGBTQIA+ retirement home, without a financial worry to speak of, simply indulging in the things that make us be full of life’s spark!

In order to make these things a reality, we need to look our money head on and take charge of it.

We cannot continue to let money happen to us, to let it stress us.

We need to have a conversation with it, give it jobs to do to grow our wealth, and tend to it to help us reach a state of abundance, ease, and financial freedom.


That’s why I started @queermoneycoach and the community that comes with it. 


Growing an affirming community to build queer wealth gives me life because I envision abundant queer futures for every LGBTQIA+ person out there. I want financial ease for us and for our futures to be full of possibilities because we have learned to use money as a tool to survive and thrive instead of avoiding and recoiling at the thought of it. 

We can make that vision a reality, we just have to start now. 

So I have an invitation for you!

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The Queer Money Program

We'll work through money mindsets and skills to ensure your present and future self are well taken care of financially.


I'm here to help YOU stop being stressed out about money

all. the. damn. time.


There is a ton we should have been taught in school, but we weren't AND it should be easier to know where to go from here than to go to a freaking bank to talk to a suit or googling and wondering if what we're looking at is legit.

Time is of the essence

The earlier you start the easier it is to reach your goals. Let me teach you how to start quickly!

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I spent 7 years absorbing personal finance knowledge and now I want to share it with you and everyone in the queer community


I'd like to share a little bit more about me since I hope we're going to be friends.


Like I mentioned, my name is Ada (though I’m not attached to it, feel free to call me coach).


My pronouns are they/them and I am attached to those.

 I immigrated to the US from Mexico when I was 8 years old and I’m the youngest of five siblings. 


I grew up poor and was never really taught anything about money explicitly, which left me to just absorb scarcity mindsets from the reality we lived in and I would have to work to undo these money stories later in life.


I have ADHD and am a lifelong procrastinator who had the incredible luck of falling into the personal finance rabbit-hole as my hyper-fixation interest in 2015 and have now emerged to share with the queer community all that I have learned and implemented on my path towards financial freedom.


 I identify most with the word queer both for my gender and sexual orientation, but I also align closely with the terms trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, gender fluid, pansexual, and gay. I’m also polyamorous and so down to talk about the unique financial needs of polyamorous+ people. 

Being a member of the queer/LGBTQIA+ community is one of the most central parts of my daily experience


And I feel most at home, most comfortable, open, and receptive when surrounded by people that share in these identities because we are already showing up vulnerably within our cisnormative and heteronormative world. 


So having that layer of shared vulnerability and community certainly helps when talking about things can feel tough, like money. 


I’m proud of you and excited for you that you are here and willing to start your journey towards financial freedom and financial ease. I love that for you and I’m here to help!

What's it like working with me?


“In just a few coaching sessions, Ada has made me feel confident about building a positive relationship with my finances.


As a procrastinator, I have struggled to save money and live a debt free life.


I am now focusing on long term money goals instead of short term gain. Money is making me happy instead of stressed!


Alyssa R.

And another shares:

"Financial wellness can be an awkward conversation, but Ada provided a non judgemental and safe environment to learn and ask questions.


They provided helpful resources and walked-through a curated financial wellness plan made for me that I can revert back whenever I need guidance." 


- Krystal G. C.

So I'll see you at my upcoming 

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Can't wait to see ya there!


- Ada